Appointment of new CEO at TerraCore

TerraCore is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. David Browning as CEO of TerraCore International.  As a spectral geologist himself, Mr. Browning brings extensive knowledge of hyperspectral technologies as well as industry experience to guide TerraCore into the next phase of company growth.  Mr Browning’s addition to TerraCore’s leadership team will enable focused efforts of the senior leadership team to meet the demands of an expanding customer base, while continuing to provide superior hyperspectral solutions in an increasingly diverse market space.

Previously, Mr. Browning was Vice President of Exploration for Westward Gold with projects focused in Nevada, USA.  Mr. Browning implemented and ran successful exploration campaigns and assisted in raising millions of dollars in capital. His intimate knowledge of the technology and applications as well as his business acumen in the financial markets makes him an ideal candidate to accelerate TerraCore’s growth.  Prior to his time with Westward Gold, Mr. Browning was a spectral geologist then regional manager for TerraCore and gained intimate knowledge in TerraCore, its growth, and its technology.  Mr. Browning will join TerraCore in October 2023.

Dr. Phil Harris, current President of TerraCore has overseen the company’s transition from a start-up to profitability since 2017, and will transition to Chief Technical Officer (CTO).  In this role, Dr. Harris will focus on innovation and development of TerraCore’ s applications and products in this expanding market space.

TerraCore is a hyperspectral services company providing drill core imaging solutions to the minerals industry.  TerraCore has run successful projects for almost every major mining company in the world from large scale mine site operations to all sizes of mining exploration programs.  While its business has expanded into the green metals market it also has a firm footing in petroleum exploration and geothermal markets.  TerraCore is a private company dedicated to the highest standards in drill core spectroscopy and additional technologies. IntelliCore® is TerraCore’s powerful backbone software that allows the management and processing of hyperspectral data and provides comprehensive models for exploration, metallurgy, and development of earth resources.