TerraCore’s Partners

We pride ourselves in having strong partnerships that support and enhance our business. Our main partners are:

ALS is the largest laboratory group in the world, and owns the leading mining and geochemical assay business. ALS has recently built a strong presence in the Oil&Gas industry which includes a very high resolution full wavelength hyperspectral imager provided by TerraCore. We have been working with ALS since 2013 via a marketing agreement, and showing their strong belief in TerraCore they took a 20% equity stake in 2015. ALS is a powerful partner, providing support across all aspects of our business. We have semi-permanent installations in several ALS Mining laboratories, and a permanent installation in their Houston Oil&Gas hub laboratory. We work closely with ALS on our product offerings, and to integrate our data with other datasets to provide an incomparable product suite.

SpecIm has a long history of manufacturing hyperspectral cameras for airborne and terrestrial use, across a variety of industries. Based in Oulu, Finland, they are the global leader for high quality hyperspectral cameras. Through our integrator agreement, we put together the sisuHybrid and sisuMobi imaging frameworks and as required act as agents for their products. Having an original equipment manufacturer with the pedigree of SpecIm provides assurance that only the best data and products will be delivered by TerraCore.

Globexplore is a Mexico-focused drilling company that in just a few years has grown from a humble start-up to the largest drill contractor in Mexico. We have a marketing agreement with Globexplore to deploy our technology with their drill programs via the Geosite offering.

Cumbrex is an international consulting company with a strong focus on Peru, where the company was originally founded. Cumbrex partners with TerraCore in Peru, where it brings a strong business presence and expert knowledge of Cordilleran geology.