Our Technology

We proudly partner with SpecIm, the world’s leading manufacturer of hyperspectral cameras. Their cameras are compact, portable and rapidly acquire high quality data. The pushbroom technology we employ allows for entire coretrays to be imaged in a single pass in under one minute, meaning that we can rapidly process large volumes of core. Where necessary, we can fit close-up lenses to acquire data at very high spatial resolution.

All of our cameras have specifications that are certified by regulatory agencies, meaning that we can guarantee data quality, and we further ensure only the best quality information via numerous QA/QC steps throughout data acquisition and processing.

SpecIm’s cameras span the full wavelength range from the visible through to the long-wave or thermal infrared, meaning that we can put together a camera combination for every requirement. All the hyperspectral cameras are accompanied by a true colour linescan camera that images at very high resolution to provide superior colour imagery.

The OWL, the long-wavelength infrared camera, provides TerraCore with the first commercially available hyperspectral system for capturing data in this critical portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, and dramatically expands the range of minerals that can be detected and mapped. Through many successful campaigns, we’ve also built up our processing and interpretation capabilities for this exciting wavelength range.

We have worked with SpecIm for over 10 years, and are an active partner in the design and construction of imaging frameworks. There is a frame for every application, including large and powerful three cameras frames suitable for long-term installations, rugged two or three camera mobile frames that can be deployed in even the remotest sites, and the desktop Chema that has extreme spatial resolution.