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Why Choose TerraCore

We are the World Leader in Hyperspectral Imaging

In Exploration

Hyperspectral Imaging reveals alteration patterns that the human eye simply can’t see. Almost all alteration minerals can be identified and mapped in the infrared, even when fine-grained, and their presence can be objectively and consistently quantified. Quantification provides the means to build accurate sections and 3-D models to ensure that alteration is properly mapped. Using hyperspectral data allows for the hydrothermal architecture to be rapidly unravelled and understood, and rapid delivery of data permits dynamic drill programs that can be configured on the fly to deliver maximum success.


In Geometallurgy

In addition to rapid and accurate mapping of known deleterious phases (talc, smectite clays etc.), hyperspectral data can be integrated with other datasets such as geochemistry, and mathematically correlated to bench test results. Those outputs are used to build predictive models of mining and metallurgical parameters.With our diverse team of geologists, geometallurgists and mathematicians, TerraCore has successfully applied hyperspectral core imaging to geometallurgical studies in both feasibility and production settings for major mining companies. Our team is uniquely suited to provide wide- ranging geometallurgical solutions and consulting.


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