Explore your drill core  through IntelliCore™

Through Drillhole Explorer in IntelliCore™ you are able to gain essential insight into your mineral assets

From within IntelliCore™ you can create MultiSOM color images depicting key mineralogy for the entile drill core box

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IntelliCore is a proprietary, online tool that allows TerraCore clients to view, interrogate, and integrate their data in a single, centralized location. It provides the client with flexibility by making data securely accessible from any location with an internet connection, eliminating the need to download large volumes of data. Its main advantage is the variety of ways in which it allows geologists to view their drill core, and the different datasets that they can overlay and query.

IntelliCore allows the user to view all image products from the scale of an individual pixel in a single core tray, to the scale of the entire borehole. In addition to this, multiple sensor products can be viewed within the same image space. Not only does IntelliCore act as an online drill core archive, it also allows users to scrutinize mineralogical variation without physically having to sample the core.

Key benefits of IntelliCore®

  • Efficient navigation through thousands of core trays
  • Completely online-based
  • Multi-tiered, user-controlled access
  • Easy data access and integration
  • Online project management