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The Hyperspectral Core Imaging System™ (HCIS) is a custom-built imaging system, comprising one or more state-of-the-art spectrometers (typically covering different spectral ranges), a sturdy frame, and automatic scanning mechanism for fast and accurate data acquisition. The HCIS rapidly collects and produces high quality hyperspectral image data, allowing for mineral identification from drill core, chip trays and other materials, objectively and consistently.

HCIS is one of the only hyperspectral core imaging systems to capture hyperspectral image data on the full width of the geological sample; it is capable of imaging roughly 1000 feet (~305 meters) of RC drilling chip trays, or one drill core box, per minute. With a spatial resolution of ~1.0 mm, and a spectral resolution of up to 3.5 nm, HCIS captures hundreds of thousands of individual pixels per image. Each pixel contains full spectral data from the visible to the short- wave-infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

hyperspectral data

  • HCIS’ full imaging capabilities provide enormous flexibility when imaging various types and sizes of geological samples, core boxes, and chip trays.
  • HCIS produces a data-rich spectral image database allowing customizable products and mineral statistics to match drilling programs.
  • GeoSpectral Image mineral maps let you choose a customized mineral color pallet.
  • TerraCore’s expert spectral geologists verify all material classifications and conduct stringent quality control procedures.

Get high spatial and high spectral resolution images and improved mineralogical understanding. With TerraCore’s hyperspectral core imaging, you see it all.