About Us

Company Overview

Comprising a world-class group of geologists, mathematicians, software developers and image processors, the international TerraCore team has been involved in the application and development of hyperspectral image data capture and processing solutions since 1992.

TerraCore’s Mission and Vision

TerraCore’ s vision is: To help bring our clients in both mining and oil/gas into the digital age through innovative spectral imaging, processing and data fusion technologies employed across the mining cycle. We want to essentially leapfrog mining and oil/gas into a next-generation, digital industry. These industries, which have a past of intervening with key technologies at critical times, are currently at an important leverage point that requires disruptive change.

TerraCore’ s mission is: By 2020 become the indispensable source of digital drill core data, information and knowledge. We want to help usher mining and oil/gas into the digital age by integrating spectral processes and methods that have already become mainstream in other industries. Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) has been in use for geology, environmental sciences, defense, agriculture, and machine vision for over 20 years. TerraCore was spun off from SpecTIR, a world leader in hyperspectral solutions for myriad applications using air and ground based sensors. GSI originated from Anglo Gold’s early use of airborne HSI for exploration and Anglo’s early foray into the use of HSI for core imaging for feasibility and production. Envisaged is that disruptive change will be supported by TerraCore’s interaction of spectral geologists, defense related processes, advanced spectral imaging systems and techniques, and data fusion methods.

TerraCore holds the key in knowing how to transform the data into information and from there into knowledge. TerraCore’s continued development of unique automated processes and geologic understanding will lead to predictive analytics and will seamlessly connect the rock face with the people who can cleverly think about business optimization.